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Mr. Zhang Jidong, chairman of Millennium Traditional Chinese Medicine, visited Hunan Gaosheng Biology and reached strategic cooperation

On October 11th, Mr. Zhang Jidong, chairman of the Millennium Chinese Medicine and Health Industry Group, visited Hunan Gaosheng Biological Co., Ltd. for inspection.

Zhu Xiaoqi, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Provincial Association, and his entourage visited Hunan Gaosheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

On November 25th, the head of the Xiangxi Comprehensive Experimental Station of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Technology System, the secretary of the Party branch of the Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Provincial Association"), and the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the "Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences") Researcher Zhu Xiaoqi, Dr. Zhou Li, Dr. Dai Yanjiao, and Dr. Xue Tao of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Liu Shu, Minister of Membership of the Provincial Association Secretariat, and Yang Yili, a full-time staff member, went to Hunan Gaosheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gaosheng”). Sheng Company") to investigate the development of the wormwood industry. Xu Jingwen, general manager of Gaosheng Company, gave a warm reception. Li Xinhua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Heshan District, Yiyang City, and He Jianhua, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, participated in the survey.

Congratulations to Zhongke Chuanglinxiang Incubation Base and Hunan Gaosheng Biological Co., Ltd. for the official signing of the wormwood project

Responding to the government's call, China Science and Technology Institute adheres to the development path of industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation, and has successfully cooperated with more than 50 colleges and universities. In 2018, the company's board of directors put forward a new idea of ​​cooperation, to build an e-commerce incubation base with partner colleges and universities, and seek the innovative development of vocational education.
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